Post-Adoption Services

Our programs offer practical support for life after adoption through counselling, groups and retreats, intermediary services and a library of resources.

A helping hand after adoption 

We support children, parents and families affected by adoption through groups, support, counselling and advice.  

Counselling, groups and practical support 

Support after adoption for individuals, couples and families includes: 

  • Group meetings and workshops for people affected by adoption and their families 
  • Information on finding out about an adoption and searching for a child, parent or sibling 
  • Sharing experiences, asking questions and accessing books and resources 
  • Intermediary services for anyone who needs support or assistance to contact birth relatives 
  • Post-adoption counselling for children, couples and families 
  • Family records and search advice, information and guidance 
  • Referrals to government agencies and specialist adoption services that can help find the information you need 
  • Help to respond if a birth relative wants to make contact with you
It's OK to need support to prepare for the decision, discuss expectations and what type of communication you'd like to have. 

At The Benevolent Society we have two teams who are here to support children, parents and families affected by adoption; 
  • Post Adoption Resource Centre NSW (PARC) 
  • Post Adoption Support Queensland (PASQ)

Please read the Apology for Past Forced Adoption Practices made in 2011 and the Scarba House History and Apology made in 2004. 

You can also read about The Benevolent Society Redress Scheme here

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Post-Adoption Support QLD (PASQ)

Post Adoption Support QLD (PASQ) provides information and support for people affected by adoption in Queensland.

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Post-Adoption Resource Centre NSW (PARC)

A helping hand for children, parents and families affected by adoption through groups, counselling and advice in NSW.

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