Legal and Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

The Benevolent Society is committed to conducting our affairs with the highest standards of personal and corporate integrity. You can read about the key aspects of our corporate governance framework and practices in our Corporate Governance Statement.

You can find below other key documents and policies which form part of our corporate governance framework and highlight The Benevolent Society’s commitment to corporate governance:

Human Rights

The Benevolent Society is committed to respecting, protecting and promoting the human rights of every individual. As a charity and human service provider, we acknowledge our role and responsibility in safeguarding human rights and we are working toward applying a human rights lens right across our organisation including the way we make decisions, develop policy and support our clients and the Australian community more broadly. We recognise we’re on an organisational journey and we’re committed to continuous learning and improvement. 

In Queensland, the Human Rights Act 2019 (QLD) came into effect on 1 January 2020. This law protects 23 human rights for people in Queensland and requires us to consider human rights in our decision making when we are doing work for the Queensland government. You can read more about the 23 protected rights here. If you think we’ve breached your human rights, please let us know. We’re ready to listen and committed to doing better.  

Have a read of our child friendly human rights fact sheet. 

Modern Slavery

The Benevolent Society adopts a holistic approach to combating modern slavery. By adopting a holistic human rights approach to dealing with modern slavery, we position ourselves to be able to better detect and respond early to circumstances where human rights are being abused and decrease the occurrence of substantive human right violations like modern slavery. You can read our first modern slavery statement covering the reporting period 1 July – 2019 – 30 June 2020 can be found here. Our second modern slavery statement covering the reporting period 1 July 2020 – 30 June 2021 can be found here. An easy read version of our second modern slavery statement can be found here

Have a read of our Modern Slavery Guide – easy read version.

We recognise that tackling modern slavery requires a holistic, collaborative approach. We have developed a modern slavery community partner toolkit for our community partners who are small organisations and may not have the resources or are unsure where to start. The toolkit provides information about modern slavery, what is it, who is at risk, how do you identify it. It includes resources of where to go if modern slavery is suspected and useful links to learn more. Tackling modern slavery is going to take a collective effort and we hope this toolkit will be useful in helping your modern slavery journey.

Subpoena Contact

All subpoenas are to be sent to:

The Proper Officer
The Benevolent Society
PO Box 257
Broadway NSW 2007
or email:

Privacy Policy

The Benevolent Society takes privacy seriously. At any time you can view our Privacy Policy linked here.

We have also developed an easy read version of our privacy collection notices for our clients. 

If you need to contact us regarding a privacy matter, you can write to us:

Attn: Privacy Officer
The Benevolent Society
PO Box 257
Broadway NSW 2007

Or submit an enquiry using our Contact Us form or call 1800 236 762

Whistleblower Protection Policy

The purpose of this policy is to encourage the reporting of conduct by a person or persons connected to The Benevolent Society where the interests of others, including the public or The Benevolent Society itself, are at risk and outline the course of action that can be taken if you observe any action that you believe could compromise The Benevolent Society. You can download a full copy of the policy below. Where applicable, you are required to complete the whistleblower disclosure form and email it to