Post-Adoption Resource Centre NSW (PARC)

The Post Adoption Resource Centre has been providing services across NSW to people affected by adoption since 1991. PARC has supported over 80,000 people including people who are adopted, parents, siblings, partners and others who have been separated from family by adoption. We have developed an extensive body of knowledge and expertise in the effects of adoption and the process of finding family and managing post reunion relationships. PARC is funded by the NSW Government. 

We offer:

  • Counselling to address issues such as grief, loss, identity, relationships and the impacts of trauma for individuals, couples and families
  • Information on accessing records and family tracing 
  • Intermediary support from a third-party professional to help with search and reunion, including approaching birth relatives on your behalf and offering support around ongoing contact
  • Therapeutic groups, information sessions and retreats for increased wellbeing and connection to community, and access to information and resources
  • Information sheets on topics specific to people impacted by adoption, along with our quarterly newsletter, to provide up to date post adoption information and resources. 

PARC also works with health and counselling professionals to promote understanding of the adoption experience, and offers a library of resources relating to adoption.

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This service is available in NSW.

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