The AdopTEA

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The AdopTEA aims to increase awareness and understanding of the impacts of adoption on adopted people and reduce the stigma associated with reaching out and seeking support. 

Join with your friends, family, colleagues or community and host a morning tea that highlights adoptee mental health, your way. You might like to share an artwork, a story, song, video, film or just talk with one another.

Those who register their AdopTEA event with us below will receive a digital resource pack with support resources and tips for holding their own event.

To find out more please contact Post Adoption Support Queensland at 07 3170 4600 or

Host an AdopTEA event

Before you submit the form to host an event, please review our Group Agreement and Privacy Collection Notice.

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Your Adoption Resource pack will be sent to the email above
Details of Your Morning Tea

If you supply your Facebook profile details, a PASQ staff member or volunteer will be in touch to see whether you want to create a public Facebook event that will be shared on the AdopTEA Facebook page. You will still be responsible for hosting the event on Facebook and managing their own enquiries/RSPVs.

You are welcome to keep your Morning Tea private, or if you would like to register it publicly you can do so at the QLD Mental Health Week website here:
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