DfE - Early Intervention Support for Children Transitioning to Kindy/School - SA Only

What is the Purpose of DfE funded Early Intervention?

Funding is administered on behalf of the Minister for Education by the Department of Education (DfE), and is part of the SA State Government education funding grants.

The funding allows allied health assessment and therapeutic intervention to be provided to children before they reach school, and on transition to school, to assist with identification the additional support needs in the education setting, as well as to provide early intensive intervention to facilitate active participation in education.

What type of Support can be Provided under DfE funding?

General support

  1. Expert advice for staff in relation to a child’s specific needs either in a visit, telephone call or email
  2. Consultation with staff for curriculum planning programming, modelling, assessment of the environment, training in the use of resources and equipment
  3. Observations of a child leading to a learning/education plan or review of plan
  4. Meetings with staff in relation to the development and educational needs of
    the child

Specific support

  1. Speech Pathology services including augmentative communication
  2.  Occupational Therapy assessment and intervention
  3. Behaviour Support
  4. School Readiness Programs
  5. Music Therapy


For Preschool aged children no formal diagnosis of disability is needed to access these services. Children are eligible if there is a concern raised about the child’s development from either the parent or Kindergarten/childcare or Preschool Director. It is not necessary for the child to already be formally enrolled in an early education setting, kindergarten or pre-school at the time of referral.


There is no cost to the education facility or family for the provision of these services.

How to Refer

We can accept referral for either parents or Education providers. It is not essential that the child is enrolled in an education centre at the time of referral. Complete the DfE Early Intervention Support Referral form below.

Complete the Referral form