Home Care Packages and My Aged Care

What is a Home Care Package?

My Aged Care is the place to help people over 65 access Home Care Packages. The government funds these services to help you stay in your own home and keep active in the community.

A Home Care Package gives you more control and choice on how to spend any government funds with approved service suppliers.

It's OK if you need some help to understand the process. Call us on 1800 236 726 or send us a message.

About Home Care Packages

Funding is provided to subsidise Home Care Packages for older people who want to stay living at home and need long-term support. You choose the services and support suited to your lifestyle.

How do I get a Home Care Package?

You need to have an assessment to decide what level of package you need. Once you have a package, it stays in place for the long term. If things change, you can have another assessment so you can access more services.

Download a copy of the 7 step process


Diagram of the Home Care Package Application Process


Home Care Package levels

  • Level 1: Basic care needs
  • Level 2: Low-level care needs
  • Level 3: Intermediate care needs
  • Level 4: High-level care needs

Each level receives a different amount of government funding. The more support you need, the more funding you receive to access the services you need.

Visit the MyAgedCare website for more information on the different home care package levels.

We support you through the assessment process. Call us on 1800 236 726 or send us a message.

Home Care Package approved providers

Home Care Package funds aren't paid to you directly. You choose an approved Home Care Package provider, like The Benevolent Society, to give you support, advice and manage your funds. We assign you a Home Support Partner to:

  • Help you understand the system
  • Understand your goals
  • Work out a Care Plan to achieve your goals
  • Decide how to spend the funding you get
  • Stay in contact with you to ensure that you are reaching your goals.

We're an approved Home Care Package provider. We help develop a personalised support plan where costs can be covered by the funding package you've had approved.

Call us on 1800 236 726 or send us a message.

4 steps to your Home Care Package

Step 1: Contact My Aged Care

Contact My Aged Care to arrange an interview. Call 1800 200 422 or visit www.myagedcare.gov.au

Step 2: Be assessed over the phone

When you contact My Aged Care, they'll do a quick assessment over the phone to understand the support you need.

You may be referred to:

  • A Regional Assessment Service (RAS) if you need basic levels of support like meals on wheels or community transport
  • An Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) for a more comprehensive assessment if your needs are more complex and you need ongoing support.

Step 3: Have an ACAT assessment

An ACAT (Aged Care Assessment Team) assessment decides if:

  • You're eligible for a Home Care Package
  • You need other services through transition care, respite care or permanent placement into an aged care home.

A member of your local ACAT (usually a nurse, social worker or other healthcare professional) visits you at home. They'll talk to you about how you're managing day-to-day. They might ask your permission to talk to your doctor.

They'll give you information on what services you might be eligible for and how to apply for them. It's a good idea to have your partner, a family member, friend or carer at your assessment to provide support.

Step 4: Secure your Home Care Package

If you're eligible, you'll be allocated a Home Care Packages based on the level of care you need.

There are a maximum amount of packages available in Australia at one time, so you may be placed on a waiting list.

The Benevolent Society provides services across New South Wales and Queensland. Call us on 1800 236 726 or send us a message to check on services we have available to suit you.

Home Care Package funding and fees

The Benevolent Society's primary focus in the provision of Home Care Packages is to understand what help you want and what you can afford. Our aim is ultimately to support your goals and enable you to do more of the things you love doing.

We will work with you to determine how this can be best structured within the Home Care Package environment. Our Home Care Package funding and fees brochure contains information about the source of funds that contribute to your Home Care Package budget (or as we have called it, your income budget) and fee schedule for the services provided that get drawn down from your budget.

Funding and Fees Brochure 

Support to stay independent

Home Care Packages accessed through My Aged Care are just one way of funding your home care needs. We can help you to understand what your choices are to stay independent and involved in your community.

Call us on 1800 236 726 to talk about your home care funding choices.