Partner with us

Collaboration and innovation

Working with organisations who share our vision is key to innovation and creating opportunities. Looking for natural connections, we build partnerships based on respect and shared goals for a just Australian society where everyone has a chance to thrive.

Who do we partner with?

Across Australia, we partner with:

  • Corporate organisations and consulting firms
  • Non-government organisations (NGOs)
  • Government bodies
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses
  • Community groups and associations.      

Why partner with us?

Inspiring partnerships can deliver social impact for communities and real benefits for your organisation. Our partnerships are developed to match specific organisations and bodies, and focused on mutually beneficial outcomes.

If you want to know more about how to partner with us and want to schedule a meeting with one of our partnerships team representative, email [email protected]

What does a partnership look like?

NSW FaCS, Westpac and CBA

In 2013 we partnered with NSW FaCS, Westpac and Commonwealth Bank to launch a $10 million social benefit bond to deliver the Resilient Families program.


We worked closely with both bodies to effectively transfer disability clients from NSW Government Direct Service Provision. 

New Horizons Learning Centres

Working extensively in the Learning and Development area, we support industry innovation and build capacity across the sector.

Assistive Technology Australia

We’re focused on working with technology delivery partners to enable efficient delivery of services to our clients.

Australian Red Cross

We work closely with the Australian Red Cross to deliver training services, and work with a range of community organisations to support community-based initiatives.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community partnerships

We proudly work alongside Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander colleagues and organisations to meet the needs of families, children, and communities. Collaboration is key to innovation and sustainability, and we’re committed to exploring partnerships and stronger collaborative relationships.

In January 2019, the Mura Buai Torres Strait Wellbeing Service began delivering services to 14 islands across the Torres Strait in a partnership between Mura Kosker Sorority Inc. and The Benevolent Society. This partnership is a model for governments, mainstream and community controlled organisations seeking to grow and support the capacity of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community controlled sector to design and deliver the services their families and communities need.

Click here  to download the PDF on The Mura Kosker and The Benevolent Society partnership.

Family Matters

We support Family Matters – an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander led national campaign ensuring children and young people grow up safe and cared for in family, community and culture. Our involvement reflects the commitment in our strategic plan to reduce the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children entering Out of Home Care.

Cultural Capability Framework

The purpose of a Cultural Competency Framework for The Benevolent Society is to foster commitment and to action a coordinated approach with First Nations peoples, wherever and whenever they engage with the organisation.

This Framework was developed to guide mainstream Community Service Organisations in the development of management strategies, policies and direct practice which will provide better outcomes for First Nations Peoples and their families. The Benevolent Society adopted this Framework to guide the development of organisational behaviour.

Learn more and download the Cultural Capability Framework here.

Examples of other partnership opportunities 

  • Alliances, partnerships and inter-agency collaboration
  • Joint advocacy and representation on groups and forums
  • Establishing ‘shared services’ models to assist organisational viability.

Our Reconciliation Action Plan

We believe every Australian has a responsibility to acknowledge the pain, suffering and injustices experienced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Our Reconciliation Action Plan focuses on relationships, respect and opportunities to promote, support and consult with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Learn more and download the Reconciliation Action Plan here.

Existing partnerships and programs

  • Aboriginal child and family youth services – ACYFS (facs)
  • Aboriginal flexible respite –ageing and disability
  • Aboriginal employment strategy (AES)Aboriginal Language outreach project
  • Aboriginal supported playgroup
  • Young Black and ready for school (facs) GNL Aboriginal partnership
  • C4C, GNL Aboriginal corporation partnership
  • Early Years Centres QLD

Making a real difference

Let’s work together towards a common goal. From collaboration comes innovation and a sense of community that shows all kinds of businesses and organisations care about a just Australian society.

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