Early Childhood Approach (ECA) Referral

Please complete this form to enquire about how the NDIS Early Childhood Approach (ECA) can support a child aged 0-6 with a disability or developmental delay, living in the Local Government Areas of Logan City, Redland City, Brisbane City or Moreton Bay in QLD, Australia. 

If you are enquiring about ECA support for a child living outside of these four Local Government Areas in QLD, please check the NDIS website for the details of the relevant Partner in the Community: https://www.ndis.gov.au/understanding/ndis-each-state 


Early Childhood Approach (ECA) is funded by the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and can offer a range of supports for children aged 0-6 with developmental delay or disability including:

  • Information;
  • Referral to mainstream services;
  • Early supports; or
  • Where required, assistance to access a funded plan through the NDIS.   

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Child's Details
Child's details
Does the child identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander or both?* - required
PLEASE NOTE: The Child must reside in one of the following QLD local government areas to proceed with this referral: Brisbane, Logan. Redlands City or Moreton Bay. If they do not reside in this area, please do not continue completing this form and instead check the NDIS website for the details of the relevant Partner in the Community: https://www.ndis.gov.au/understanding/ndis-each-state 
Residency or Citizenship Status* - required
Are there any guardianship, parenting or other court orders pertaining to this child? If yes to above, please clearly indicate the order type and purpose including any implications on legal decision-making responsibility for the child or restrictions on information sharing. If possible, please also upload a copy of the relevant order(s) at the end of this form.* - required
Does the child have a:
If “disability” is ticked, please select a primary disability
Details of person completing this form
Referring person's details
Do you identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander or both?* - required
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Referral Reason

Reasons for Referral

Please describe your main concerns about the child across each of the following domains (if no concerns noted please write “none” or “N/A")

Supporting Document Attachments
Please attach any relevant documents to support this referral including consent forms, health or school reports, letter of diagnosis, court orders, etc.
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