Our vision for Reconciliation is to walk alongside Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples in a respectful and meaningful way that highlights the wisdom, strength and resilience of the world’s oldest living culture.

Indigenous employment is deeply embedded in our vision, and we are committed to providing a culturally rich, empowering, and safe environment for all our people. 

We believe that by working together, we’re stronger and can achieve more than working alone. If you are Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander, we would love for you to consider a career with us. 

Let’s walk this journey together.


A smiling photo of Lillian

Meet Lillian

Wakka Wakka Woman

As an Identified Child and Family Practitioner at The Benevolent Society, Lillian plays a vital role working with families to keep them together and connected to their culture. In the work she does, the welfare of children is central. But for a child to be looked after, their parent or carer needs to be supported too. Lillian says that the ability to grow trust and connection is a non-negotiable attribute in her role.

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A photo of Tarsha smiline

Meet Tarsha

Kamilaroi Woman

As a Senior Practitioner in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Engagement at The Benevolent Society, Tarsha provides essential support and forges relationships with her community - particularly with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families and children. On top of that, she builds her team’s cultural capacity to work with those families. Tarsha doesn’t let a challenge deter her. Instead, she harnesses the lessons from her past to provide nuanced, thoughtful, and essential care for the families and children she supports.  

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A photo of Joe smiling

Meet Joe

Dharrpa Woman

As a Child and Family Practitioner with The Benevolent Society, Joelene spends her days supporting families to stay strong through life’s challenges. In her current position Joelene focuses heavily on early intervention work with kids and their families. She recognises that all families have a different story, and require tailored support to help them live their best lives. 

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