RAP Partnership Strategy 

The Benevolent Society’s vision for reconciliation is to walk alongside First Nations peoples in a respectful and meaningful way that highlights the wisdom, strength and resilience of one of the world’s oldest cultures. 

We continue to develop new and build on existing relationships with First Nations Peoples organisations and communities.  Our partnership approach is grounded in concepts of Self Determination and Community Development and is guided by our Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan, and its three pillars: Relationships, Respect and Opportunities.

A staff member from The Benevolent Society painting the foot of a young child.

Supporting First Nations People

Our RAP Partnership Strategy is a call to action for all of our staff to work with First Nations Peoples communities to:

  • Find our place in sharing and supporting meaningful relationships that are instigated and led by First Nations Peoples
  • With respect, demonstrate our commitment to reconciliation by partnering at a local and community level that supports the economic, political, and social inclusion of First Nations Peoples, their rights, needs and aspirations
  • Seek partnership opportunities and commit resources to First Nations Peoples led innovation in the areas of research, high quality effective culturally safe services, and service design that tackles entrenched disadvantage and improves approaches to care
A First Nations girl hugging her young brother

Our RAP Partnership Strategy

We have adopted the SNAICC “Creating Change through Partnerships” model, supporting genuine and successful partnerships between First Nations organisations and mainstream organisations

Where our relationships are linked to new funding arrangements, particularly tenders, The Benevolent Society remains committed to ensuring that funding for First Nations Peoples services is awarded to First Nations Peoples organisations.

Click here for an overview of our Reconciliation Action Plan Partnership Strategy.

A First Nations staff member at The Benevolent Society enjoying a sunny day outside

Get in touch

If your organisation would like to explore options to collaborate, The Benevolent Society would welcome the opportunity to progress our dialogue.

Get in touch with us!

Tarsha Jones
Partnerships and Engagement Officer (Identified) Aboriginal Development
T: 0478 333 171
E: Tarsha.Jones@benevolent.org.au 

Rowan Forster
Business Development & Partnerships Manager
T: 0421 860 101
E: Rowan.Forster@benevolent.org.au

Our Partnerships

Institute for Urban Indigenous Health

The Benevolent Society and the Institute for Urban Indigenous Health (IUIH) have partnered together to help First Nations Islander families in South East Queensland access NDIS Early Childhood Approach (ECA) services. 

The partnership started in 2020 as a pilot program aimed to redress the lack of awareness and equitable access to NDIS support by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the region. Taking into consideration that past policies, practices and history are still impacting today, the partnership aims to support clients to live the life that they choose by connecting them to culturally-appropriate services and walking alongside them through the application process for a better experience with less confusion.

Watch the following short video about the partnership between The Benevolent Society and IHUH:


The collaboration between The Benevolent Society and IUIH has reduced barriers to access services and cultivated trust within the community, through a culturally meaningful and client-centred approach. 

The partnership ensures that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island families are provided with culturally appropriate processes which allows families to have better experiences, less confusion and reduces stress which gives them the liberty to concentrate on their child/children’s needs.