Samara (60) has been caring for her son Hadi (28) who has schizophrenia, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and anxiety. Since she moved to Australia from Lebanon to care for Hadi full time, Samara began to participate in workshops led by Carer Gateway and form friendships with other carers.

Like any devoted mother, Samara does all she can to support her son including cooking, cleaning, organising his medications and taking him to specialist appointments. Although her role as carer is her ‘normal’, she admits that she sometimes found it overwhelming and isolating.

Carer Samara with her son Hadi smiling at the camera.

Image: Mother and Carer, Samara (right), with her son Hadi.

“When my son hits the peak of his anxiety it’s so worrying, and I often felt helpless. I used to question whether I was doing enough”, she said.

Samara was put in contact with Carer Gateway where she started to connecting with other carers through activities such as art classes, wellness retreats and counselling sessions. The relationships formed with the support workers, counsellors and carers allowed Samara to reset and find moments of joy.

“The first time I had a session with my counsellor I just couldn’t stop crying. I have had multiple sessions since then and I feel more confident that I can better manage all my son’s issues,” she said.

Samara has also formed special connections with other carers in her local community and encourages others to seek support. She has realised that being a carer can have its challenges however there are ways carers can look after themselves so they can better support those they care for.

“Sharing my situation with others has been so helpful. It’s good to know I am helping others and it gives me the reassurance I need to keep going and find strength in the small victories”, Samara added.

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