It's time for carers to 'fill their own cup'

Considering what has been happening in the world of late there are a lot of different ways to reach out to people. The fact is the challenges for Carers haven’t changed when looking after the people they are caring for. In fact it has for some become more stressful due to isolation and other challenges in the world. That’s why The Benevolent Society is reaching out to all Carers registered with the Carer Gateway to attend the Triple R Essentials workshops. These workshops are designed to bring carers together to help support each other and offer some practical tools and strategies to enable carers to ‘fill up their own cup’.

Ideas to help you reconnect

How big is your capacity for self-care both physically and mentally? Why are you important enough and how can you “make time to take time”. Being a carer usually means constantly caring for the needs of others and usually there is no time for you. As a carer it is important to do the internal work and reconnect to your feelings and needs.

Some simple ideas to help you reconnect can be as simple as:

  • Create a sleep schedule for at least 8hrs a night, every night
  • Take a walk
  • Drink more water
  • Create a journal to help get the thoughts out of your head
  • Take time (an hour a day if possible) and read, garden or take a nap.

Simple activities to boost confidence and bring fulfilment

Have you ever thought about how everything in life happens by two’s? One in your mind and then the second in reality. What is the most rewarding thing you can do for yourself to build your self-confidence and fulfilment? Time is precious which is why it’s important to make sure you firstly identify (mind) and then do (reality) activities that will bring you self-confidence and fulfilment. So what can you do to nourish yourself? 

Why not try:

  • Be mindful of your food choices and cook yourself a meal that you would enjoy. The satisfaction from such a simple task can actually be a rewarding moment.
  • Write a list of “annoying tasks” that have been weighing on you. Even if you only get one hour a day make sure you tick at least one of them off. The sense of accomplishment when the list has been completed will be amazing.
  • Detox your environment. Think about those people who give you energy and who drains it from you then set some healthy boundaries by learning to say no. 
  • Declutter your home. Find a spot in your home that needs some of your time and re organise it. 
  • Write a list of 5 things you are grateful for and why. Expressing appreciation and being thankful can reduce depression, lower blood pressure, increase energy levels and happiness. Gratitude can also increase dopamine and can help deflect negative thoughts.

Being a Carer you are probably well practiced at being supportive and giving to others, however usually do not offer that same level of care to yourselves. It’s physically, emotionally and mentally tough being a carer. Now is the time to be kind to yourself. If you are compassionate to yourself you are more likely to be resilient and optimistic about what the future can hold. It’s ok to give yourself permission to put you first.

You can download and view this pdf for more information about the Workshops, and how to join.