Social Benefit Bond

An innovative approach to funding change

We’re proud to be one of the first organisations in Australia to use a social benefit bond to fund the Resilient Families program. 

Through our innovative approach to a funding structure, we’re building effective community service programs to support Australians to lead their best lives.

What is a social benefit bond?

Also known as a social impact bond, a social benefit bond is a way of funding programs to address a pressing social issue.

Private investors provide the funds to support program goals, and if those outcomes are achieved, the cost savings to government are used to repay the upfront investment plus a dividend.

The innovative model provides a focus on outcomes, extra resources and accountability for the success of our programs.

Building resilient families

In a decade, the number of NSW children in foster or kinship care has doubled to more than 20,000. Research shows out-of-home care leads to mental health and educational issues.

This is an issue that couldn’t wait. In 2013 we partnered with Westpac and the Commonwealth Bank to launch a  $10 million social benefit bond.

The bond funds Resilient Families, an intensive family support program focused on keeping children with their families and out of foster care. The program operates over five years to support up to 400 families.

Results at a glance - 2017

  • For the full third and partial fourth cohorts to June 2017, 59% fewer children from families referred to Resilient Families entered out-of-home care
  • Over the life of the Bond to 30th of June 2017, 32% fewer children from Resilient Families entered out-of-home care
  • Over the life of the Bond to 30th of June 2017, Resilient Families is delivering an 89% preservation rate (children remain home with parents) for all families referred to the program
  • The overall indicative current Performance Percentage of the Bond is 24%, compared to the indicative 19% from the last report in 2016
    Innovative ways to keep children safe

We’re here to make a difference, and we’re proud to find new ways to support children and families.

Download the 2017 Investor Report

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Download the evaluation reports here: 

Evaluation Plan for Resilient Families
Evaluation of the Resilient Families Service – Preliminary Report
Evaluation of the Resilient Families Service – Mid-term Report
Evaluation of the Resilient Families Service - Interim Report 2016
Note on the Bond's Performance Measurement Framework - November 2016
Evaluation of the Resilient Families Service - Progress Report 2017

Download the Social Benefit Bond reports here:

Social Benefit Bond Investor Financial Report - October 2018

Social Benefit Bond Impact Report - October 2018