Innovative Approaches

Community services innovation

Fresh approaches to making a difference.

We're future-focused, and proud to collaborate with like-minded organisations to develop innovative approaches and programs to support the community.

Resilience Practice Framework

The Resilience Practice Framework supports staff working in child and family services, to build better outcomes for children.

By educating community services staff, we're closing the gap between research that highlights effective interventions for children, and what is delivered on the ground.

See Me, Hear Me

An art exhibition for people living with a mental illness, encouraging art as a form of therapy to build confidence.

Wheely Good Fun

We pioneered the development of a model for mobile playgroups for children aged 0 - 5 years and their families. Free sessions support families to develop social and support networks in a safe and social environment.

Cluey Kids

Since 2007, this education program has supported children in the child protection system to live their best life. Through after school and classroom sessions, Cluey Kids provides the chance to catch up and reach their academic potential.

Saver Plus and Money Minded

In partnership with ANZ and the Brotherhood of St Laurence, we support Saver Plus (the longest running matched savings scheme in the world), and Money Minded (a financial education program building skills for community services staff to support the community).

Fostering Young Lives

We're proud of our program to actively seek foster carers from the Lesbian and Gay community – a first in community services.

Collective Impact

In partnership with Griffith University and other likeminded organisations, we're testing new approaches to building community coalitions and their impact on children and families.

New approaches to support the community

We're proud to take an innovative approach to developing and delivering the best in community services.

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