What support do carers receive?

Our foster carers are never alone in their caring journey.

It is important that carers feel supported, equipped and encouraged in their critical role of caring for children.

Support will include:

Regular home visits and meetings with your case manager

All foster carers have a case manager available to them to provide advice and practical support.

Financial support

Foster carers receive a fortnightly allowance to reimburse some of the day-today costs incurred when caring for a child or young person. The allowance is based on the age and needs of the child and is tax-free. The payments do not affect your eligibility for any other government allowances that you are entitled to. If a child is assessed as having extra needs, then the amount of the carer allowance increases accordingly.

24/7 on-call support

Our foster carers have access to on-call support at any time of the day or night for advice, support and direction in stressful situations.
Professional support in dealing with any behavioural, physical and emotional difficulties the child may be experiencing.


All foster carers will also have access to specialised support, services and training offered by My Forever Family NSW.

Specialist support

For children and carers who need additional support, your case manager can refer you to professionals such as psychologists, pediatricians and speech pathologists.

Free and confidential counselling for you and your family

Carers and their immediate family have access to the TBS employee assistance program. This gives you access to confidential counselling with qualified and experienced clinicians who can help you manage any challenging or stressful situations you may encounter as part of your role. You can also utilise this service to support you with any personal, family or work issues are impacting on your wellbeing. You can access counselling over the phone or face to face.


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