Challenges and rewards

Fostering might not always be easy, but it is incredibly rewarding for both carers and the children they support.

As a foster carer, you help the child overcome difficulties from their past and adjust to living with a new family. You also support the child to maintain a relationship with their family and remain connected to their culture.

A carer will need to have the time, empathy, patience and resilience to care for a child who has had a difficult past.

Carers are part of a team providing care for a child or young person. All carers receive training and support to fulfil their role and meet the needs of children in care. Experienced carers say the rewards outweigh the challenges.

Justine“There is nothing better than looking back at where the child started from when they first walked in your front door to where they are now”

- Justine, Fostering Young Lives Carer


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