Hope and healing through post adoption support

About one-in-fifteen people are affected by adoption in Australia. The impact of adoption is likened to a “ripple effect” affecting families across the generations (parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, siblings, cousins, grandchildren) and across the life span.

In October this year, Post Adoption Support Queensland launched a publication to mark their 10-year anniversary.

  • Hope & Healing: Ten years of Post Adoption Support Queensland (PASQ) captures the depth, breadth and variety of the adoption experience as it is lived by those PASQ works with through the sharing of images, letters, poetry and personal stories.

A supportive space

Since 2009, PASQ has provided information and professional support services to over 7000 people affected by adoption, including people who have been adopted, parents, siblings, partners and others who have been separated from family. 

PASQ have assisted people to access their information, find their families, connect and nurture these relationships, and make sense of and heal from the grief, loss and trauma relating to their adoption experience. 

Here we share the stories of Vivienne and Di - who have both worked with PASQ.


Vivienne’s story: Bringing light to your soul

“I needed to turn my pain and agony into a positive. 

My purpose in life, I believe is to be a voice for those who feel that they don’t have one. A voice for the mothers that took their own lives because of the trauma and grief that followed after losing a child to adoption. 

My daughter actually saved my soul the day she contacted me. Because after that day I found my voice and I am now proud to share my story. I gave the greatest gift – the gift of life – there is no shame in that.

When we all band together and share our journeys and show that we are not alone, we can inspire others to come forward and be heard. I believe that there is always hope and with hope comes healing. 

At PASQ, they hear me, believe me, support me and acknowledge what I do. They look at me and see me, the real me. When you live with trauma in silence for most of your life, a part of you dies. This team helps bring light into your soul.”

Di’s story: Feeling safe and supported

“I adopted two babies out in the 1960s, in a time of deep fear, shame and secrecy. 

We didn’t get to see, touch or give the baby a name. They were whisked away from me at the moment of birth with no discussion being entered into. 
I always said that I would not search but I would be open if the children came to me. But that changed ...a lightbulb went off in my head and I knew I was ready.” 

Adoption Services and Post Adoption Support Queensland helped me with support, information, empathy and understanding. 

From my first phone call I felt safe, I felt heard and I felt there was hope. Each step of the way there was someone at the end of the phone, as I wrote my letter, arranged to meet my daughter and follow up afterwards to see how I was emotionally. 

In two short months I had found, met and hugged my daughter … we’ve been given this amazing opportunity to explore and create a relationship.

I have found when I speak up and out it gives silent permission for others to do the same. 

If my story can give hope, inspiration and understanding to another person affected by adoption then it is worthwhile.”

Click here to learn more about our Post Adoption Support Queensland services or call (07) 3170 4600 or email pasq@benevolent.org.au

The Benevolent Society also offers support through the Post Adoption Resource Centre (PARC) across NSW (02) 9504 6788 or email parc@benevolent.org.au

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