As part of National Child Protection Week, we’re highlighting the important work our team at the Early Years Centre and Kindergarten in Beaudesert is doing to support parents and children.

A nurturing and caring environment

The Beaudesert team provide education and care to children aged 0-5 years, in an environment where children feel safe and can thrive. 

“Play-based learning in education and care settings is incredibly important for children,” says Liz, Team Leader at the centre and kindergarten. “It's how children learn, it's their most natural disposition for learning and they generally engage in what they're doing.”

“We offer an approved kindergarten curriculum, and the teachers work with the children's strengths, so it looks different from day-to-day and from child-to-child. But we try and harness those interests and wrap some play-based learning around that for them.”

The Early Years Centre is a one stop hub for education, health, and community services including parenting programs and playgroups for children under the age of three. 

“Our Early Years Centre offers a holistic approach to children,” says Liz. “We have a Child Health Nurse who supports anything from developmental concerns, feeding concerns for newborns and for siblings of children that are in our care.”  

Beaudesert also have Child Development Specialists who provide education and Early Childhood Educators who offer playgroups for children not eligible yet for the kindergarten curriculum.

Thriving parents and children

Kelly, whose son AJ attends the kindergarten, said: “The way the teachers deal with AJ and push him outside his comfort zone is amazing, and the way they can deal with any kid’s issues and give parents tips as well. The teachers are so well equipped and informed. We just feel like we're on top of every step of the way of his progress with them.”

Foster Carer, Tracey, and the children in her care have received support through playgroups, the Baby Health Centre, the kindergarten program and speech and psychologist services. 
“It’s very important to have a good network that you can trust and depend on,” she says. “Because it's a bit tough out there – you get kids you don't always know the background of, and you don't know what to expect with some of the trauma.”
“Two of my kids had problems with social skills. But coming here they learnt to socialise very well, and they formed some really lovely friendships.”

We’re a Child Safe Organisation

The Benevolent Society subscribes to the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations. We believe that every infant, child and young person has the right to feel safe and be safe from neglect, physical, emotional, psychological, sexual and cultural abuse. Learn more about what you can expect from us if you’re a young client here.