Sometimes a traumatic experience in life can have ripple effects in how a family functions. 

Maria, Liam and their twins were in this situation after an accident. The twins, who were born premature at just 29 weeks, had serious health issues and sleeping problems which affected their ability to bond with their mother.

When we began working with them, Maria and Liam were extremely stressed and going through mental health challenges. Liam was worried about his family’s welfare and wanted to give them the attention they required, but he needed to continue working in order to support them. 

Working in partnership to overcome trauma

Elisa from The Benevolent Society’s Infant Mental Health Service formed a partnership with Maria and Liam to help the twins adjust and overcome the trauma. When they were 22 months old, Maria joined our group for premature babies. She made friends with other parents and the twins benefited from early education and had fun playing and improving their social skills.

Elise, The Benevolent Society’s Child and Family Practitioner worked alongside the Early Childhood Educator and Health Nurse to help Maria improve her parenting skills.

“I just wish I’d been able to get this sort of help when the twins were born,” Maria said.

“It has made a big difference to our lives. The kids are happier, and so am I.”

A happy and bonded family unit

Maria, Liam and the twins have now bonded as a family and are looking forward to the birth of another baby. Maria is receiving specialised care for her mental health challenges, and is more aware of her children’s needs. Most importantly, the twins are thriving and recently moved into a universal playgroup at our Early Years Centre with older children, where Maria is also making friends with other parents.

“We’re a proper family now,” Liam said. “The twins love their mum, and we all enjoy the time we spend together.”


*Names and images have been changed to protect members of the family