Specialist Travel And Telehealth

To make our services more accessible and readily available so you can reach your goals and live your life your way, we now have a dedicated specialist team offering speech pathology, dietetics, occupational therapy and behaviour support through Telehealth and Specialist Travel services. For both Telehealth and Specialist Travel, you can use your NDIS plan. 

Telehealth Services

Telehealth means that you can receive the services listed above by phone or online. Telehealth can take place in different formats depending on what technology is available to you and what you feel comfortable with. 

For more information, download the Telehealth Services Factsheet
For more information, download the Telehealth Services FAQs.

Specialist Travel Services

Specialist Travel Services are therapy services offered to those living in rural and remote communities, through a fly-in-and-fly-out or drive-in-and-drive-out model . This means that even though we don’t have an office in the region where you are located, where possible, our team of specialists are still able to deliver services to the area, either through driving or flying in and out. 

For more information, download the Specialist Travel Services Factsheet.
For more information, download the Specialist Travel Services FAQs.

The Team

The Specialist Travel and Telehealth team are a highly skilled group of allied health professionals experienced in supporting clients to reach their goals and achieving positive outcomes. This team is specifically trained to deliver telehealth services and specialised travel support.


Accessing services through Specialist Travel Services and Telehealth Services, the following benefits are provided: 

  • Improved access to services
  • Reduced waiting time for services
  • Improved continuity and frequency of service supports
  • Combined telehealth and in-person services with the support of an Allied Health Practitioner who is supervised by telehealth practitioner
  • Quick and responsive service
  • No travel costs* (applicable to Telehealth Services only)
  • Increase in therapy hours with the support of an Allied Health Assistant

To apply for or refer yourself or someone you care about for this service, please complete the Disability Referral Form and select 'Specialist Travel and Telehealth' under 'Support Required' on this form.


Get in touch

We offer this service in parts of NSW, QLD, SA and ACT.

To find out if you or someone you know is eligible for this service, call our friendly staff.