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  1. 26. Podiatry - Clinical Health and Disability Services    Specialist podiatry services support you to maintain foot health and stay active in the community.
  2. 27. Positive Behaviour Support - Clinical Health and Disability Services    Our teams provide meaningful support for clients and their families and carers to manage problem behaviours and live their best life.
  3. 28. Assisting with the day to day - Assisting with the day-to-day    From everyday activities in the home to staying active, we’re here to help with services and referrals.
  4. 29. Diet Therapy and Nutrition Support - Clinical Health and Disability Services    Support from dietitians and nutrition experts for a better quality of life.
  5. 30. Psychology - Clinical Health and Disability Services    Through assessment, counselling and education, our psychology services support good mental health and behavioural change.
  6. 31. Physiotherapy - Clinical Health and Disability Services    Physiotherapists use an evidence based framework, with people and their support network to help them to achieve their goals and to lead their best life.