Our National Support Centre is the voice of our organisation, connecting potential clients to The Benevolent Society’s services and supporting you at the beginning and throughout your journey with us.  
The Support Centre is based at our National Office in Glebe, NSW, and is made up of six teams who deliver services and support for our range of services across Ageing & Carers, Disability; and Child, Youth & Family.  

Since 2021, the team has grown from 19 to 67 staff members and in the last financial year they managed 156,619 enquiries. 


The Customer Engagement Team is the first point of contact and gateway into the organisation for new, existing and potential clients and community partners who call our centralised 1800 236 762 line or email [email protected].

These solutions-focused teams can speak a number of languages and come from different fields of work, bringing together their skills to deliver a tailored client experience which is unique to our organisation to uplift the community and our clients. 
Monisha D’Souza, National Support Centre Acting Manager, says: "Our team prioritises client experiences and are dedicated to finding the best outcomes for our clients. They create a safe space for our clients by treating them with dignity and respect.” 

Monisha DSouza National Support Centre Acting Manager

Image: Monisha D'Souza

No Wrong Door Policy

The Support Centre has a 'No Wrong Door' policy and is dedicated to going that extra mile for our callers and clients. This can include identifying suitable support services (within or outside The Benevolent Society) after identifying a client’s needs and making a referral on their behalf. 

The team have the ability to unpack complex situations which enables clients to receive the support they need in a timely manner. 

“I had a call from a mum who had two children with disabilities and was feeling quite overwhelmed,” says Disability Gateway consultant, Veronica. “She was grateful for the options I'd outlined and seemed to be in a better place knowing there were other services out there for her and her kids.” 

Lisa National Support Centre Team Member
Image: National Support Centre Team Member, Lisa


The team are able to provide support and assistance to those who reach out. As Carer Gateway consultant Jiyeong says: “I had a carer stating, ‘I don't have any other family in Australia to support me and being a sole carer was really hard but you guys gave me hope.’” 

They’re able to provide clarification and information about the help that is available. Disability Gateway consultant Senhil adds, “A mother called us regarding her daughter with developmental delay as she wanted to access therapies. Upon asking some clarifying questions, I found out that they have not contacted Early Child Support Partners and were unaware of funding for these therapies or any program.  

“The mother has now been contacted by Early Childhood Partners and they will arrange supports from here on. [The] mother was thankful for the support.” 
Our friendly Support Centre Team enjoy making a positive impact on people’s lives. “They see marked differences in client situations and experiences and get satisfaction through assisting people,” Monisha says. 
To find out more about how The Benevolent Society and its programs can help you, call our National Support Centre on 1800 236 762 or [email protected].