Child brain development

Simple tips to help your child’s brain development.

Boys playing on swings

  • The environment we create for our children can affect how well they learn – environments where children feel secure, attached and stimulated are best for learning
  • The way we interact with books can give our children a head start when it comes to reading – simple things like tracing over the words from left to right and talking about how the picture on the front tells about the story eases them into the mysteries of literacy and creates an interest in reading.
  • Our brains develop skills through practice and repetition – try and develop a routine for your child with structure and repetition
  • Try to keep your child focused on a topic of interest. For example, at a time when you are not busy and your child is showing an interest in something, it might be a game or something in the environment they have spotted, share their interest so you both focus on the same thing.
  • Use conversation to keep them focused and to extend their thinking.  You conversations should look a bit like a tennis match where there is a long rally. Comments and questions are bouncing backwards and forwards across the net from you to your child and back again. Try to keep the rally going as long as you can, that way you are teaching your child to sustain their attention and to think about what they see. This improves attention and focusing skills. These are important skills which lay a foundation for future learning.
  • Children will develop some skills before others – have realistic expectations of what your child will be able to do, and recognise their limitations.

They need help now

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