Scotty's* Story

Your donation will help children cope with and recover from the trauma of domestic violence.


More than half of women in Australia who experience domestic violence from their partner will be caring for children when the violence occurs. Children continue to be at risk of violence during and after their parents' separation. With your generosity, we can help children cope with and recover from the effects of domestic violence.

We give families the support they need to overcome their challenges so they can raise happy, healthy and safe children. We provide a range of services – from playgroups and parenting education to family counselling and intensive long-term support for families where children have experienced abuse or neglect – children like Scotty.

This is Scotty's* Story

Imagine a child called Scotty trembling in his bed as he listens intently. He is silent under his covers; afraid of his own dad, afraid for his life and for the life of his mother. This is Scotty’s reality. It is all he has known in his short life.

There is shouting and banging of doors, shattering of glass and thuds against walls. The yelling is consistent and only interrupted by sobs of terror. 

Your donation of $25 by 30th June 2015 will help children like Scotty recover from the trauma of domestic violence.

Scotty and his mother were first referred to The Benevolent Society two years ago by a doctor. The doctor was concerned with Scotty’s level of interaction and his overall development for a child of 18 months of age.

Because of his lifetime of exposure to domestic violence, Scotty was in a highly anxious state all the time. His brain was in ‘flight’ mode, always scanning his surroundings for signs of danger.

A Benevolent Society case worker was assigned to work with Scotty and they found him displaying signs of being under high stress. He was unusually aware and cautious of the people entering or leaving a room. He was easily startled by noises like a loud car driving past and often withdrew from social interactions with caregivers and other children by running away to his mother. Scotty didn’t make attempts to talk like other children his age and disturbingly, he had learnt how to cry without making a sound.

This is no state for any child. There are many more children just like Scotty who are exposed to the shouting, the loud thuds and yelling. They are trembling in their beds, scared for their lives. They need your help now.

What did we do to help?

Because of the support we have received from donors, we’ve been able to work with Scotty and his mother over the last 12 months to help them recover from their trauma and get back on their feet. We helped Scotty build his confidence and feel safe. Play therapy, speech pathology and art therapy have helped Scotty to interact with other children. With support, he began to show less signs of anxiety and he is now a three-year-old boy on his way to being school-ready in a couple of years.

Don’t all children deserve to grow up feeling safe and secure?

With your gift, we can be there when we’re needed to ensure children are not just surviving but thriving.

$25 can help a child and their family to receive a counselling and support with a qualified case worker
$50 can provide one on one art therapy sessions for children who are highly traumatised from exposure to domestic violence
$100 can provide an education program for parents to help their children catch up to their peers and meet  important developmental milestones

Make your donation today because every child deserves to feel safe.

*All names have been changed to protect the privacy of the children and families involved.

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