Post-Adoption Information and Advice

Support after adoption

We offer information, advice and resources for families affected by adoption and post-adoption issues.

Library of adoption resources

If you or your family is affected by adoption, we’re here to help with advice, support and information. We can help with applying for adoption information, understanding the impacts of adoption, and how to search for and contact birth relatives.

Our library of adoption resources is available to anyone who needs support, even if you can’t get to a post-adoption group or centre.

Our experienced team also offers training for others who work with people affected by adoption.

You can buy books about adoption by calling us on 1800 236 762.

Get in touch or call 1800 236 762.

Please read the Apology for Past Forced Adoption Practices made in 2011 and the Scarba House History and Apology made in 2004. 

This service is available across all NSW and QLD.

Call 1800 236 762 for more information.