Volunteer Carer Connect

We here at The Benevolent Society know that caring for someone, while incredibly rewarding, can also be tough. Older carers of those with mental health issues, chronic and terminal illness and disability often prioritise their loved ones needs over their own, which can impact a carer’s mental health and wellbeing.

Volunteer Carer Connect supports older carers through a structured social relationship program, improving social connection for those who are experiencing or are at risk of severe isolation, loneliness, and anxiety.

How does Volunteer Carer Connect work? 

Each carer who engages in the program is matched to a trained volunteer. Volunteers will provide one-on-one social, informational and emotional support to carers over the phone or through other online platforms during COVID-19. Volunteers will also support carers who are seniors to connect with other available support services in their community. Volunteer Carer Connect is a free service funded by the Queensland Department of Health Covid-19 Response.

Who can access Volunteer Carer Connect? 

Carers can access Volunteer Carer Connect if they meet the following criteria: 

  • Carer is over the age of 65 
  • Lives on the Gold Coast or in Logan City 
  • Has caring responsibilities 
  • Has become more isolated, anxious or feels that their wellbeing has been affected by COVID-19

To make a referral to Volunteer Carer Connect, contact The Benevolent Society on 1800 236 762 or email customercare@benevolent.org.au