Tenterfield Youth Wellbeing Program

The Tenterfield Youth Wellbeing Program is an early intervention program for young people in Tenterfield, focused on wellbeing to improve physical and mental health for teenagers/young adults (12 -17 years). 

The aim of this program is to directly focus on improving wellbeing (both physical and mental) by:

  • Enhancing opportunities for social engagement and community development
  • Increasing connectivity (accessing digital options)
  • And capacity building to indirectly contribute to work readiness by increasing wellbeing for employability.


This program will provide the opportunity to increase in one of the following elements: sense of confidence, meeting new people, attaining a new skill or knowledge.


When and Where?

Targeted groups and events will be planned in consultation with the local Tenterfield Youth and a calendar developed and advertised.  


A range of these programs are available in:


Call us on 1800 236 762 to find out which services are available in your area