Self-Skills Development Program

Self-Skills Development (SSD) is a child-centred program which focuses on individual goals of each child and their family. These goals can be social, emotional, physiological and behavioural. Strategies to achieve these goals can be implemented in school, OSHC, home, and community settings. We will acknowledge the strengths and challenges of each child and family, and design program implementation around current personal and environmental needs. We will be guided by the goals of the family and school to create a dynamic and flexible program.


  • Ability to play well with others within a school, OSHC, and community setting
  • Ability to regulate emotions in various situations
  • Confidence and skill with initiating and reciprocating communication
  • Willingness to engage with group activities and follow instructions and directions
  • Skills and strategies to make and maintain friendships and relationships
 These outcomes will align with each child’s personal goals, to expand their confidence to interact with others, to ultimately improve their quality of life and relationships.

A range of these programs are available in:

Melrose Park


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