Saturday Social Club

Saturday Social Club focuses on developing fundamental social skills in a fun environment that we believe are best learned among peers with qualified staff helping to deliver safe and fun learning.

We enable and encourage children to work together, seek peer support/ interaction, and learn how to make positive friendships – decreasing the risk of social isolation and increasing enjoyment of learning environments.

Saturday Social Club is offered at our Melrose Park centre every three Saturday’s out of four from 10am to 1pm.  Cancellation will be required by the Thursday before the booked in session.

Children will:
  • Have fun – learn through play and art to develop imagination, cognition, and gross and fine motor skills.
  • Make friends – develop vital social skills.
  • Work together – seek engagement from peers to complete tasks.
  • Exercise – enhance gross motor skills and improve fitness.


The children will over time:

  • Independently participate in the play and art activities to develop their imagination, cognition and fine motor skills.
  • Be able to develop their social skills which will enable them to develop friendships.
  • Gain confidence to see engagement from peers to be able to complete group based tasks.
  • Independently participate in gross motor skills with intern will improve overall fitness.
  • Engage in positive communication with peers and teachers throughout the day.

A range of these programs are available in:

Melrose Park

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