Little Steps

Little Steps is an early intervention program designed to teach children with disabilities the vital kindergarten readiness skills they will need.  This program can also help children who are attending daycare to successfully access those settings.

Little Steps is a play based program which includes structured activities that mimic a day at Kindy.  During the term if necessary children can be supported within their Kindy/childcare to assist them or their teacher/carers to help them function successfully within the Kindy/childcare environment.

Children will learn play, communication and social skills, including:

  • Greeting their peers upon entry to the group setting
  • Transition between activities, including both group and independent play activities plus transition between spaces
  • Making appropriate requests for help or assistance from peers and teachers
  • Taking turns and waiting in a small group
  • Pair and small group structured and unstructured activities
  • Using expressive language within the different contexts of the program.


At completion of the program, children will:

  • Independently greet their peers and teachers.
  • Independently transition between activities and spaces.
  • Request help in an appropriate manner for the situation.
  • Show their ability to take turns in a pair and small group situation.
  • With support participate in pair and small group activities.
  • Independently or with support use their expressive language to express their feelings and/or to request and ask/respond to questions 

When and Where?

The program is led by a behaviour support practitioner who is a qualified teacher at our Melrose Park office within school terms.  The program is conducted on a Friday morning from 9:30am – 10:30am.  

A range of these programs are available in:

Melrose Park

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