Innovative mentoring for girls

iMatter is an intensive mentoring program aimed at young girls (7+) living in Claymore NSW and runs over a six-year period.

iMatter’s goal is to provide a safe environment that delivers guidance from a trusted source to build resilience, confidence and a sense of self-worth at a young age, so that these girls are equipped to face the challenges of adolescence.

The program works with 15-20 young girls and their families. The content of the program will evolve over the 6 years to meet their developmental and individual needs. 

iMatter has 3 core components:

  1.  One-on-one work with the young girl in a weekly program
  2. One-on-one support facilitation for the whole family
  3. Mentoring

The program is delivered weekly during term time over 2.5 hours on a Friday afternoon. A holiday activity is scheduled during each school holiday period.

The program measures its progress against 5 outcomes: 
  1.  Increased physical exercise
  2. Increased access to knowledge and information around nutritional and other health needs
  3. Increased access to mentors and safe adult relationships
  4. Increased knowledge in regards to making positive relationships
  5. Increased self-awareness

If you wish to support the iMatter mentoring program, please donate today. Your donations will make a real difference to the lives of these young vulnerable girls. We thank you for your support.