Kindergarten and Transition to School

Getting school ready through play based learning

Our Queensland kindergarten services help children make friends, develop a love of learning and be better prepared to start school.

A love of learning

Kindergarten is a part-time educational program for children in the year before school, delivered by qualified early childhood teachers. Kindergarten helps children make friends, develop a love of learning and be better prepared to start school.

School readiness is much more than academic skills like literacy and numeracy. Other important parts of being ready for school include self-care like toileting, attention and concentration skills, language skills and play and social skills.

Services operate during school terms and are usually free for Health Care Card holders.

Getting children school ready

Our transition to school services help children and their families be confident about starting school and build community connections.

Confidence and community

When children are school ready, teachers can help develop their emotional, physical, language, literacy and motor skills. If they’re not ready, they can spend time catching up rather than moving forward with their peers.

Our services help make sure children have a strong foundation of skills for a successful transition to school. This foundation is built through:

  • Support for parents
  • Connecting families to the community
  • Making prevention and early intervention services easily accessible
  • Sharing experiences in safe and friendly environments
  • Information, advice and referrals
  • Play programs encouraging parent and child interaction and new skills.

Working together with families and children towards their goals for early childhood education helps make the transition to school smoother and the early years count.

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We offer this service in parts of NSW and QLD.

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