Child Development

Getting the best start in life

The early childhood years have a big impact on development, health and wellbeing. We help make the early years count with services to help children, parents and families reach their potential.

Improving outcomes for families

The services and resources families can access play a big role in the healthy development of children.

Our child development services provide support for children to meet developmental milestones, be school ready and develop resilience.

Services can involve prevention, early intervention, literacy support, referral to specialist support, case management and home visits.

Our literacy support services range from home-based services delivered by early childhood educators, to volunteer services focussed on play and reading skills.

We also work to keep children in safe home environments and develop parenting skills where there may have been neglect, drug and alcohol misuse, mental health concerns, homelessness or family violence.

Building community connections and opportunities to learn and create are key to empowering children and their families and promoting healthy social and emotional development.

If you or someone you know needs support to keep children safe and happy, we’re ready to help.