Developmental Educators

Developmental Educators are multi-disciplinary disability specialists with expertise in fostering the skills, independence and quality of life of individuals with developmental and/or acquired disabilities.

As allied health professionals, Developmental Educators (also referred to as DE’s) have a practical approach and work holistically across the life span to address issues which may affect the function, independence and social inclusion of individuals with disability, their families and carers. Developmental Educators also work closely with families and caregivers, and other allied health professionals who may be involved in the support of an individual.

What DE services could we provide?

An individual can see a DE at any age if they would like assistance with:

  • Behaviour issues and positive behaviour support
  • Functional skills assessments to explore how individuals can increase their quality of life (Vineland, ABAS, Sensory Profile etc)
  • Support with sexuality and sex education
  • Teaching functional life skills including social, communication, self-care, daily living, recreation, and employment
  • Supporting individuals with disabilities during transition periods, such as moving from primary school to high school, supported employment or day options programs 
  • Learning new tasks such as catching public transport or learning how to cook a meal
  • Emotional regulation