We are now running Speech Pathology and Occupational Therapy Clinics across several of our TBS offices. 

How is a Clinic different to other services?

An in clinic-based service offers the following benefits to our clients;

  • A guaranteed block of weekly face-to-face services, typically offered as a 10-week block during the school terms (this may differ in specific locations)
  • Regular appointments offered on specific clinic days for available timeslots

Services we offer within the Clinic Model

Speech Pathology
  • Communication assessment and therapy around receptive and expressive language, social skills, literacy skills, stuttering, and speech sounds.
  • AAC communication device therapy/training sessions.
Occupational Therapy
  • Assessment and therapy around activities of daily living such as gross and fine motor skill development, emotional regulation, sensory processing, routines, play and social skills, sleep routines and toileting

Why sign up for Clinic sessions?

  • Rapid access to services with minimal wait time
  •  No travel costs
  • High frequency services to work on specific client goals
  • Quick and responsive service
  • Access to our fantastic TBS on-site facilities and resources

Where are the Clinics Running?

South Australia

- Elizabeth Vale
- Port Pirie
- Melrose Park

New South Wales

- Albury
- Goulburn
- Hurstville
- Liverpool

Please call our Support Centre on 1800 236 762 for more information and bookings.


Get in touch

We offer this service in parts of NSW and SA.

To find out if you or someone you know is eligible for this service, call our friendly staff.