Positive Behaviour Support

Meaningful support for positive behaviour

Behaviour Support services provide people with disability of all ages, their families and service providers with the tools they need to assist people to live their best life. We work with the person and those supporting them to promote positive behaviour change.

Goal setting

  • Supporting you to set goals related to behaviour change
  • Understanding the goals and hopes of people supporting you



  • Behaviour Assessments to better understand who you are and why you use certain behaviours
  • Other assessments, e.g. Skills assessments
  • Support Model Assessments to provide recommendations about how your support needs can be met across all life domains in an integrated way


Positive Behaviour Support Plans

  • Individualised Plans developed with you to provide guidance e.g. routines, interactions, reward systems, teaching new skills, relationships and responding to difficult or unsafe behaviours

Skill building

  • For you and / or the people supporting you, e.g. emotion regulation, sexuality and relationships, play and social interactions, engagement, parenting and much more


Training and Support

  • To implement behaviour support plans for you, your parents and others supporting you. This can be 1:1 or group training, team meetings, debriefing or phone support

Monitoring and Review

  • Working with you and those supporting you to check how the Behaviour Support Plan is working and make changes as needed

Provision of Reports

  • For other professionals, e.g. Data Analysis reports for Psychiatrist appointments
  • Restricted Practice Authorisation submissions when needed


We’re here when you need us

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