Movement health

Physiotherapists use an evidence based framework with people and their support networks, to help them to achieve their goals and to lead their best life. They work closely with the person, their team of supports and all the people in a person’s life to support them to function in all environments.

How your physiotherapist supports you

Movement and motor skills

  • Learning to move.
  • Moving for fun, function, fitness and health.
  • Equipment prescription to support the person to move and to function.
  • Return to function after the acute stages of injury or surgery.

Fitness, sport and recreation

  • Being and staying active.
  • Accessing physical activity opportunities in the community to support the person to lead an active and healthy life, to maintain their quality of life and address any barriers to physical activity.

Health Promotion

  • Assessment and management of muscle length and strength issues.
  • Assessment and management of joint and spinal mobility and alignment.
  • The management of their respiratory health.
  • Healthy and active ageing.
  • Falls risk assessment, falls prevention, and management.
  • Pain assessment and management.

Moving for good health

Our experienced physiotherapists support you to meet your goals and to help you live your best life.

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