Clinical Nurse Consultants

Specialist care for people with a disability

Clinical Nurse Consultants are specialist nurses in disability. We provide individualised consultation, recommendations and education services as well as coordination of specialist disability services for the client, their families and carers. Clinical Nurse Consultants work with children through to adults.

Specialised education

  • Enteral tube feeding
  • Administration of medication
  • Bowel management and/ or administration of enema medication
  • Seizure and epilepsy management 
  • Oxygen administration and shallow mouth suction
  • Dual diagnosis (disability and mental health)
  • Dementia and contributing disability conditions.


  • Incontinence assessment and incontinence product recommendation
  • Disability associated pain management/nursing assessment
  • General Health review: Completion of Part A of the CHAP tool or equivalent documentation.

Planning & Applications

  • Develop an authorised ambulance care plan in consultation with a GP
  • Complete ENABLE applications for medical supplies related to a disability condition
  • Complete disability supported living applications.


  • Co-ordinate care under specialist services
  • Co-ordinate first delivery of medical supplies where service is not covered by NSW Health
  • Local district co-ordination of services.


  • To you and your carers to attend specialist appointments
  • To transition from child to adult disability and health services
  • Attendance and support at Guardianship Tribunals.

Support for people with a disability

Our specialist clinical nurse consultants provide support for people with a disability, but also their families and carers. We’re here when you need us.

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