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From everyday activities in the home to staying active, we’re here to help with services and referrals.

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Blood pressure measuring device

Coordinating equipment and aids

We coordinate access to equipment and mobility aids to make your everyday life easier.

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Wallet with cash and a calculator

Financial Education

Our financial education program supports independence by boosting money and budgeting skills.

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A healthy meal with fruit and vegetables

Food Services

Our food services include meal preparation, and delivery of hot, frozen or chilled meals as part of the Meals on Wheels NSW program.

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A person mowing the lawn


Supporting clients to maintain a garden is a way to encourage them to stay active and independent.

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A Benevolent Society staff assisting a client with laundry duties

Household Assistance

Our domestic assistance includes support around the house to help older Australians stay in their own home for longer.

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A Benevolent Society staff assisting a senior client with baking cupcakes

Living Skills

Our living skills services boost independence with support to develop and stick to a budget, and plan for the future

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A Benevolent Society staff assisting a senior client with her personal care

Personal Care

Our personal care services include respectful assistance with everyday activities.

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A group of senior clients of the Benevolent Society playing cards

Social Support

Our social support programs include transporting and accompanying you to group or individual social activities.

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