Children, Young People & Families

Child, Youth and Family Services Roles

Includes the following programs:

  • Brighter Futures
  • Family Restoration
  • Family Referral Service
  • Functional Family Therapy (new)
  • Resilient Families
  • Staying home leaving violence

Who are they?

  • Case Work Assistants (entry level positions)
  • Child & Family Practitioners (Qualified Social workers, case workers, psychologists)
  • Subject matter experts i.e. Aboriginal identified, Homelessness, Male Inclusion

What do they do?

Early intervention and intensive support including providing information, advocacy, case management, referral to other providers, family therapy, support groups, psychosocial education and therapeutic support (including group work and counselling) for parents, carers, children and families.

Some team members specialise in groups like Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders clients, homeless clients or dads. Some teams work with parents through supported playgroups on bonding with their children and addressing behaviours. All of our work is in the family home (except our Family Referral Service phone service).

We use a trauma-informed, family systems and strengths-based approach. This builds resilience within the family unit, creating long term and meaningful change. 

Who do they help?

  • Families within the child protection system
  • Children at risk of escalating within the child protection system (i.e things getting worse if no one helps)
  • Children at risk of entering the child protection system (i.e. there are some early indicators that things are not ok)
  • Sometimes this can include families where the child is yet to be born
  • Families where the children have been removed and we are supporting the family to make the changes necessary to have them restored.


Specialist Counselling Services Roles

Including Domestic/ Family services, Post-Adoption, Parents of children with a mental illness (Reach Out Parents).

Who are they?

  • Counsellors (qualified professionals)

What do they do?

Centre for Women's Health: intake and assessment for crisis intervention, counselling, psycho-education, groups (therapeutic and physical movement), health promotion and community education services. 

Post-adoption: therapeutic services such as counselling, group work, information and research services for people affected by adoption.

Reachout: educational and support services for parents and carers over the phone and online sessions to build parenting skills.

Who do they help?

  • Women affected by domestic violence or sexual assault and their children
  • Those affected by adoption
  • Parents of young people aged 12-18


Out-of-Home Care Roles

Who are they?

  • Case work assistants (entry level position who supervise contact between kids and their parents)
  • Foster Care Assessors
  • Child & Family Practitioners (Social workers, case workers, psychologists)

What do they do?

Create safe and secure environments for children in out-of-home care. Working intensively with children, foster parents and birth parents to address trauma, increase safety, security and stability and maintaining connections with birth families and culture. 

This team also recruits, trains and supports foster parents. 

Who do they help?

  • Children within the out of home care system, their families and carers 


Youth Services Roles

Includes the program 'The Shack'.

Who are they?

  • There are a wide variety of role types that can work with our youth services programs

What do they do?

The Shack is a drop in youth centre supporting young people with programs and services to promote recovery from mental health issues and build resilience.

Who do they help?

  • Young people

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