Supporting Families in South Australia

Caring for a child or loved one with disability requires additional care that is uniquely tailored to their individual needs. 
Whatever your goal, our range of teams and professionals are here to support you in helping your loved ones, live their best life.

Our programs and services

In South Australia we offer a variety of services and programs for people with disability. These include individual therapy programs such as Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy and Music Therapy, and Positive Behaviour Support. We also offer a range of group programs, school readiness programs and social skill building programs. 

Find out more below on our available programs and services, and which are offered in your area. 

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South Australia Office Location Map

Our offices in South Australia

We have offices in the following areas:

  • Melrose Park
  • Mt Gambier
  • Port Pirie
  • Elizabeth Vale
  • Murray Bridge

We also offer services in Kadina, Roxby Downs and the Riverland Area. You can view our up-to-date office address in South Australia here.

Disable boy with carer

Funding Options

In addition to providing services to NDIS-funded or privately-funded clients, The Benevolent Society currently provides Department of Education (DfE) funded services to a range of Early Learning Centres, Pre-schools and Kindergartens across metropolitan Adelaide, and in regional towns located in proximity to our offices in Port Pirie, Murray Bridge and Mount Gambier. 

To find more about DfE funding and if you are eligible, click here.

Apply for DfE funding here

Careers sections

About you - The Referrer
About you - The referrer
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About the client
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Client Funding Details
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Support Required
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Behaviour Support Referrals
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Is there any medication prescribed or given?
Are there any restrictions being used that we can assist support with?
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Carer/ Support/ Guardian
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Services available in South Australia

Speech Therapist IconSpeech Pathology

  • Our experienced team of Speech Pathologists support people who have difficulty communicating, eating and drinking
  • Available in Melrose Park, Port Pirie, Elizabeth Vale and Mount Gambier
  • Learn more

Icon OTOccupational Therapy

  • Our Occupational therapists focus on a person’s goals related to how they occupy themselves in activities of everyday life
  • Available in Melrose Park, Port Pirie, Elizabeth Vale and Mount Gambier
  • Learn more

Icon Support CoordinationSupport Coordination

  • Our experienced Support Coordinators can support you to choose how you want your services to be provided and who you want to provide them
  • Available in Melrose Park, Elizabeth Vale, Port Pirie and Mount Gambier
  • Learn more

Behaviour Support IconBehaviour Support

  • Our Behaviour Support Practitioners assist people of all ages with disability, and their families, to promote positive behaviour change
  • Available in Melrose Park, Elizabeth Vale, Port Pirie and Mount Gambier
  • Learn more

music therpay iconMusic Therapy

  • Our music therapists work within a therapeutic relationship to address physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs of individuals. 
  • Available in Melrose Park and Elizabeth Vale
  • Learn more

Developmental Educators IconPsychology

  • Our psychologists promote behaviour change and good mental health to support people and enable them to safely access the community.. 
  • Available in Melrose Park, Elizabeth Vale, Port Pirie and Mount Gambier via Telehealth and Fly in Fly Out.
  • Learn more