Reconciliation Action Plan

The Benevolent Society’s Vision for Reconciliation is of a strong and inclusive Australian society based on equality that advances the economic, political and social inclusion of Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islander peoples to achieve parity in life outcomes

Our vision for reconciliation is to walk alongside Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in a respectful and meaningful way that highlights the wisdom, strength and resilience of one of the world’s oldest cultures.

Moving to an Innovate RAP

We have embraced the opportunity to develop our Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan. Through a collaborative approach with our reconciliation partners we have been generously afforded critical insight into, and learnings about, the importance of genuine and mutually beneficial relationships.

Being genuine and clear about our commitment to fostering reconciliation and how we can contribute to the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples is paramount in defeating tokenism and gaining trust.


Reconciliation Action Plan

Our report will take us through how we can implement our RAP throughout our business. It highlights our achievements and current priorities. We have three pillars in which we will focus; Respect, Relationships and Opportunities. These pillars are outlined in the document with key focus areas and actions for our staff and organisation.

RAP Primary Contact:

Michael Currie
Principal Advisor, Indigenous Development

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Name of the piece: Peregrination

In life’s journey we are often encountered with challenges, obstacles and difficult decisions. Some of which are easy to overcome and get through, others feel like there is no solution. When we share our stories we share the ups and downs of our journeys and discover that we are never travelling alone in this world. There is always help, support and company, you just need to find it.


Download the Art Card (PDF)

Jasmine Sarin - RAP Artist

Jasmine takes us through her inspiration during the time she created this beautiful art piece for The Benevolent Society. Each part of this artwork represents our connections, values and our vision, our communities and places in which we work and our environment. Jasmine is a proud Kamilaroi and Jerrinja woman from NSW growing up on the South Coast in Nowra (Jerrinja and Yuin country) and Wollongong (Dharawal country). Her artwork tells the story of her experiences, bringing contemporary methods and concepts to the oldest culture on earth.

RAP Materials

These have been developed to support you with the implementation of our Innovate RAP.  Our Protocols and principles booklet will assist understanding the guidelines around observance and cultural interactions.  RAP Presentation can be used by everyone when taking teams through our RAP.  Our E-signature can be used by everyone across the organisation – instructions are available.

Please join the Innovate RAP workplace page to keep up to date with events, communication and collaborations.