The Benevolent Society specialises in partnering with people with a disability so they can live the life they choose.

As an approved NDIS provider, we believe in working alongside you more as a partner or a friend to help you make smart choices and get the best out of your NDIS funding. 

Who can support me in the planning process?

When you start your planning journey, TBS will work with you to identify whether you need support for the process. The Benevolent Society will step in at this early stage and help you. It is better to have someone by your side who knows all parts of your life and your needs.

Remember you have the right to information in a way that is right for you. You should ensure that you know what is in your plan and make sure that you see the plan before it is finalised by the NDIS.

Who can support me to implement my plan?

When you develop your plan with the NDIS, you can access three levels of support coordination, if you need it:

  • Support connection – short term assistance to find services and develop service agreements.
  • Coordination of support – can also help you to find services and develop service agreements, but there may be some extra complexity.
  • Specialist support coordination – for participants with very complex needs, that requires coordination by specialists.
What kind of provider should I choose?

There are a lot of service providers to choose from. Try to choose a provider that is registered with the NDIS. At The Benevolent Society we have done a lot of ground work to make sure that we go over and above the criteria set out by the NDIS including demonstration of business registration and insurance and a commitment to meet quality and safeguards standards.

Who can help me find appropriate providers in my area?

The NDIS has a list of registered providers available on their website. You can search for a provider by choosing the support type you want and entering your postcode. The list will show you which providers are closest to where you live. Or you can just call us on the 1800 number and one of our TBS service providers will be in touch with you.

Girl in wheelchair

Can I use the same providers I have now?

If you are already a TBS client then you can continue to work with us for all or some of the support you choose to put in your plan. You might want to talk to us about more services or changes to ways in which your support is delivered. As a registered service provider with the NDIS, you can be assured that we meet the quality and safety standards set out by the NDIS.

What if I don’t like my provider that I choose – what can I do?

We will help you negotiate your plan, and if you are not happy with your plan then we can help you talk to the NDIS about changing your plan. You’re in the driver's seat, so when you want to access more or less services or support, or when you want to change how support is delivered, or want to start or stop accessing services, we are there for you.