Community Connectors are part of the National Community Connector Program, which is one of the many helpful programs backed by the Australian Government’s Carer Gateway initiative. If you are registered for the Carer Gateway, you can access this program at no charge when you need it. We explain below exactly who “Community Connectors” are, and how they can support you. 

Who are Community Connectors and what do they do? 

Caring for someone with disability is a big job and keeping on top of their NDIS plan and services can be time consuming when you already have a lot on your plate. Community Connectors can support you with your NDIS application, plan or services. They have a deep understanding of the more technical aspects of the NDIS and you can utilise their knowledge and advice to ensure that the NDIS is helping to support you and /or the person you care for. 

 To break it down, Community Connectors help you connect with the NDIS services through; 

  • Explaining what the NDIS is, how it can help, and how to apply and utilise it. 
  • Once you have been approved, stepping you through the process and helping you build out a plan and services that best meet the needs of the person you are caring for. 
  • Reviewing your current plan and helping you to tailor services to suit the ongoing needs of the person you are caring for who is an NDIS participant. 
  • Discuss your needs and help you find services outside of the NDIS if applicable. 

Who is able to access Community Connectors? 

To receive assistance from Community Connectors you must meet 2 criteria; 

  • You are an Ageing carer of a person with disability. You could be an ageing parent caring for a loved one with disability or you may be a spouse, friend or relative who is caring for a person with disability. 
  • You are enrolled in Carer Gateway.  If you are aged 65 or over (50 years if prematurely aged*), Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent aged 50 and over (45 years if prematurely aged*) and are caring for someone with disability. 

* Prematurely aged includes people with adverse life experiences such as active military service, homelessness, illness, or substance abuse. 

I’m already registered for Carer Gateway, how do I request support from a Community Connector? 

Speak with your Carer Gateway Client Support Partner and advise them that you’re interested in speaking with a community connector about the NDIS. Or if you are a carer and haven’t yet accessed carer gateway supports, call us on 1800 422 737