Ever considered a career at The Benevolent Society? As we support people with disabilities, older people, children, youth, & families, we have a huge variety of roles fulfilled by an incredibly diverse bunch of people. However, our staff and volunteers around Australia are united by a common thread: the genuine desire to make a difference in the lives of others.

In this ongoing series, we interview individual staff to hear what drives them, and what they love about working at The Benevolent Society.

Meet our incredible people!

This video should give you a glimpse into who some of our staff are and what roles they fulfill. Scroll on to learn more about each person featured!

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Joe | Child and Family Practitioner

What matters to me most is children living their best lives and families being able to provide the best they can. I'm very, very proud of the work that I've done, who I am today and who I identify as. I couldn't imagine doing anything else."

Chela | Home Support Partner

"I love a lot of things about working at The Benevolent Society, it's a great place to work and I have a great team. I see the results. I see the end of what I do and it's and it's people living life like they should."

Siavash | National Support Centre Manager

"[My team are] the salt of the earth. They're humble, dedicated, compassionate, and just awesome. Within my first few months in the organization, I felt a sense of belonging that I never did before."

Kylie | Lead Educator

"I think the best thing about [working here] is how we support each other."

Tarsha | Identified Senior Practitioner Community Development

My lived experience has really helped me work in community and understand what people are going through because I can walk alongside them. Working with The Benevolent Society in an identified role has been the highlight of my career.

Lillian | Child and Family Practitioner

"I love the challenge and I love representing my people."

Nick | Disability Connect Partner

"It's just so powerful to help someone improve their life no matter how small or big. What excites me about my future is that there's so many opportunities out there for me within the Benevolent Society."

Emily | Principal Practitioner

"I hope that the fun that I have doing my job is reflected in the experience of the people that I'm supporting. I love the work, I love the challenge, and I love the results."

Dimi | Manager of Child, Youth and Family Services

“The Benevolent Society is such a huge organisation with a lot of different programs. If you’re open to expanding your skillset and knowledge, the opportunity is there if you’re willing to take it. I love my role and my job, and I want to continue embedding the management skills and knowledge I’ve gained to influence future practitioners and leaders.”

Would you like to join our dedicated, inclusive team? See our careers page for a list of our current opportunities around Australia.