Thank you to our Early Childhood Educators on Early Childhood Educators’ Day!

As part of Early Childhood Educators’ Day we recognise the significantly important work of Australia’s educators in early learning services. At The Benevolent Society we have many talented and experienced educators making a significant contribution to the wellbeing and healthy development of the children in their care. 

Meet Kylie Day, Early Childhood Educator at The Benevolent Society

Kylie Day brings 25 years’ experience to her early educator role at The Benevolent Society. 
Based at the Beaudesert Kindergarten in Queensland, Kylie educates children through a range of activities, including outdoor adventures, reading, singing, dancing, role playing, and sharing ideas and meals together. 

 “I can wear many different hats,” says Kylie “sometimes I am a builder, a doctor, a clown, an artist, a scientist and the list goes on!“

A smiling Kylie Day

Kylie Day

Where it all began

Kylie’s desire to work with children in the education sector started from a young age, where she drew inspiration from her Mother who was a teacher’s aide. She took her first job when a childcare centre opened in Beaudesert. Kylie's enthusiasm and passion for the job hasn’t wavered, it’s grown.
“As my journey has progressed so has my motivation for continuing to work in this industry,” she explains. “I am so passionate about ensuring that young children have a great start to their education journeys and that they feel empowered to be the very best they can be every single day.”

Learnings from a strong career in Early Childhood Education

Kylie feels rewarded seeing children grow, build confidence and progress. Working with families to support the child’s development is also important to her.
“To see the shy child really grow in confidence and become a leader, when the child who has separation anxiety waves goodbye to mum, when the child who cries at losing the game begins to be able to take turns and be happy in the game…. These moments are all part of what makes me proud to be an educator,” says Kylie.
 “Connecting with families and helping them to feel that the job they do with their child is ‘enough’ is also such a rewarding part of my role. This connection makes being part of a kindy family so very special for the child and the family and this grows love and learning.” 

“In the role of Early Childhood Educator we are often an entry point for many children and families to connect with their community. If they have younger siblings we can connect them to the groups offered at our centres, or if there are further needs for the family or children we can refer them to specialised services. Providing specialised services from our centres is a unique way to offer family support in the kindergarten space. This can add so much value to the lives of young children and their families and this is one of the most rewarding things to achieve in this role.” 

 “There are always challenges, but the laughs it can bring and the smiles you encounter on those little faces makes it all worthwhile! It really is job that can bring the best out of you and help you to grow along with the children and families that you encounter along the way.” 

Advice for a successful career in Early Childhood Education

 “Let your inhibitions go when you enter the classroom!,” says Kylie. “Be the funniest and most real teacher you can be with the little people, it helps you to really connect and share a mutual respect with them. Think outside the box and make sure you have room in your classroom for everyone’s thinking styles, embrace it all! 

“Being an early childhood educator is a special role and I am so glad I have had the opportunity to have it as my career.”

Thank you Kylie and all of our Early Childhood Educators at The Benevolent Society and throughout Australia who are helping build the next generation of kind hearted, creative and happy Australians.


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