On 27th November 2021, our Post Adoption Support Queensland (PASQ) team commemorated the 9th anniversary of the Queensland Government’s Apology for Forced Adoption Policies and Practices

PASQ hosted an event at Queensland Parliament House to raise public awareness of the lasting and traumatic impacts of forced adoption on individuals, families and communities. The event was attended by people impacted by this practice and included guest speakers who shared professional and personal lived experiences. Many of the attendees petitioned the government for years before an apology was finally granted in 2012.  

A photo of the pamphlet that was handed out during the PASQ Apology Event at Parliament House. It is a small booklet with a bouquet of pink roses on the front.

“The Benevolent Society advocates for the wellbeing of children and families and the Post Adoption Support Queensland team are committed to listening to those affected by past adoption practices to strive to ensure that the past mistakes made by governments, non-government institutions and individuals are not forgotten and not repeated,” said Jane Sliwka, Team Leader, PASQ.  

The Benevolent Society has a long-standing history of supporting those affected by adoption. The Post Adoption Resource Centre, based in NSW, celebrated its 30th anniversary this year and based on this success, the PASQ service was established in 2009 to support Queenslanders affected by adoption separation, trauma and loss. PASQ has supported over 7000 people to access information, find their families, connect and nurture these relationships since its inception. 

The Queensland Government’s forced adoption apology can be viewed here.

“While the Queensland Government’s forced adoption apology was a historic moment, it is not widely recognized by the broader community,” Jane explains. “This causes pain and anguish to those people affected. It is important that PASQ and The Benevolent Society acknowledge and educate the public about the history of forced adoption and its effect on our client group and broader society”. 

The Benevolent Society acknowledges that actions in the past were wrongfully forced upon so many people still have real and lasting impacts today. Our commitment in the current day is to continue to elevate these voices and facilitate positive steps forward to recognize those impacted by forced adoption. 

The Benevolent Society’s post-adoption services provide: 

  • Counselling, search and intermediary services  

  • Information sheets and resources 

  • Facebook and online community pages  

  • A quarterly Post Adoption Services newsletter 

  • Connection groups for clients and a therapeutic parenting program 

  • A personal approach including peer support 

  • If you or someone you know needs support regarding adoption please call our support centre at 1800 236 762 or view our post adoption resources here

    The full proceedings of the event were also recorded and can be viewed on the QLD Apology for Forced Adoption Facebook page linked here.