We would like to thank all our clients and carers who took part in our annual Client Satisfaction & Net Promotor Score (NPS) survey this year

Over 800 clients were surveyed across our Ageing, Disability, and Child & Family Services. 

The feedback we received from you this year was invaluable because it told us what we do well and where we need to improve. 

As a result of your feedback we are working on improvements to the way we communicate with you to keep you better informed, particularly in circumstances where staffing arrangements change or we are hosting an event that you may be interested in. We’re going to continue to provide you with caring, helpful and professional staff and practitioners.

Next year we will be trying some new ways to seek your feedback about the services we provide. We are really looking forward to hearing more from you and using your feedback to improve what we do.

If you have any additional feedback for us, we’re always here to listen, you can email your feedback or complaints to  feedbackandcomplaints@benevolent.org.au.