Peta, a single parent, was struggling to raise her five children without any support or contact from the father.

Peta has a history of domestic violence, drug use, and criminal behaviour.  Her desire to be a better mum is a key driver and she has addressed her alcohol and drug misuse issues, and remained sober for three years.

Her youngest children spent their early childhoods in foster care, some having been removed when they were infants. Peta worked hard to turn her situation around and regain the care of her children. When one of her sons started to have behavioural issues at home, Peta contacted The Benevolent Society for help. Connor was behaving aggressively towards his siblings, and was unable to regulate his behaviours, resulting in tantrums and outbursts.

The Benevolent Society staff and children drawing in the floor

Peta herself had difficulties tuning into her children’s emotions, and found Connor difficult to manage. She felt that he was being naughty. She was overwhelmed by the task of parenting him while also coming to grips with the guilt she felt because of the time the children had spent in care.

The Benevolent Society worked with Peta to give her the practical tools she needed to manage her children’s behaviours and the ways that she responded to them.
Some of the tools they taught Peta and the family were:

• Tuning in using emotion coaching
• Recognising and rewarding Positive behaviours
• Planned family time
• Development of family routines
• 123 Magic strategies and time‐

Peta is actively allocating family time for all of the children to help them re connect with one another. Now Peta knows she has the support from The Benevolent Society that she needs to raise her family, she is also growing in confidence as a mother and is beginning to get real results. 

*Names and images have been changed to protect members of the family.