Meet Volunteer Rylie 

Riley volunteers in our Chill n Chat After School Program in Campbelltown once a week after work.  

The Chill n Chat program offers participants from primary schools in the Claymore area a safe space to participate in a variety of activities, including sports, arts and crafts, mentoring support, group activities, and a place they can hang out and make new friends. The program encourages children to develop positive outlooks and increase access to mentors and safe adult relationships outside the family.  

Riley smiling

A smiling RIley at our office in Glebe

Riley started volunteering with The Benevolent Society in 2017 and when asked why he wanted to volunteer, he says “I was brought up by good role models. Mainly teachers…right from primary school all the way through to tertiary education. As an adult looking back, I would say that I wanted to volunteer because I wanted to give back to my community, to an area that raised me, and help others where I could.” 

Riley brings a great deal of positive influence to the program, always providing and offering support to facilitators and participants. Child and Family Practitioner, Stacey Boertje, reflects on the wonderful rapport Riley has built with the children and says they “cannot wait until he arrives every Wednesday”.  

Team leader of the program, Kristy Organ, describes Riley as a fantastic support to the program and admires the way in which Riley quickly builds rapport with children, their families, and the local community. “We are extremely grateful for his support during the past 4 years, and we hope to continue working with him long into the future.” 

When asked what Riley gets from volunteering, he says “I definitely gain a sense of purpose, but the best thing I get out of volunteering are the many wonderful memories, and hopefully, life-long friendships.” 

The future of volunteering in Australia is expanding exponentially, says Riley. “As the population expands, and more and more people are recognised for their volunteering, you get to a stage where you can’t go anywhere where there isn’t some form of volunteering. Take into consideration the millions of lives directly impacted by volunteering, you get volunteers inspiring generations of new volunteers. A value that has persisted in our country from its very formation. Australian’s seeing a need, rolling up their sleeves, and asking what they can do to help.” 

Thank you, Riley, for your invaluable contribution to our organisation.  

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